Thursday, 20 March 2014

Back again.....and again...

It seems I've been years away from painting.  But really it has only been four months.  I have had a painful knee injury......a medial collateral ligament tear.  It took absolutely ages to heal and I think that standing at the easel for hours on end may have caused it.  I have my palette on my right and turn/twist towards it when I want to apply paint to my brush.  I suspect that it has been like a repetitive strain injury......but this was my knee that was gradually being damaged....not a wrist or elbow. 
Anyway enough of ailments. A friend of mine, Kerry, gave me a photo to paint.  The subject was her partner's dog, Sasha, when she was a puppy.  The mature dog lived to a ripe old age but finally had to euthanized late last year.  Her partner really misses the old dog and Kerry thought a painting of Sasha at her cutest would be a heart-warming birthday present for her

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  1. Sorry to hear about your knee ailments, Ellen. Hope you can find a way to keep painting without exacerbating the injury.