Saturday, 1 November 2014

A Return....

Apple Blossoms
Oil on marine ply  30 x 30 cm

Well, I am back again after quite a long period.  This has been a strange year.  I have not spent as much time painting as I have in previous years.  Instead, I have spent many hours in the garden.....thinking about painting.  And strangely, I think that has been exactly right for me!

The painting above is painted on marine ply.....a very pleasing surface to work on.  I have used it material before and find it better than masonite particularly in one respect: if you accidentally drop a masonite painting and the corner is bumped the masonite crimps.  And it can't be fixed.  Marine ply is much more forgiving.

I don't think I have quite finished this little painting but I am sort of pleased with it.

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