Tuesday, 20 March 2012

And another variation....

From Above.................Sold

And this is the one I have hanging in the kitchen along with a selection of other 20x20's.  I will post them below but of course they didn't photograph very well from that angle.  Mind you I love painting from the angle.....it is quite challenging.  Will include a couple of paintings that I did for my son and my nephew about two years ago.  These were both of another selection of kitchen ware on another shelf above my kitchen sink.

And below are the paintings.....

Both of these painting were quite a bit larger than the 20x20's.

And a last one.....

Variations on a theme.....

Cousins     SOLD
Here are three different apples......but a similar pose and the same cloth that I have used previously.  I bought this particular piece of fabric specifically to use as a drape.  It actually has a green on green pattern in it.  I just love the way the colour reflects the light and I like this especially when combined with red apples.  I have another variation hanging on my kitchen wall which I will also post.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Gift for Hayley

As I have mentioned before I live on Coochiemudlo Island, in Moreton Bay.  A friend, Hayley Lake, lives here as well.  Hayley owns a number of cottages Quirky Cottages on the island and lets them to holiday makers.
This painting is of Hayley's pet pig, Liquorice. Unfortunately, Liquorice became too big for Hayley to handle and too strong to contain in an ordinary pen.  Consequently Liquorice has gone to live with another pig fan on the mainland where she has the company of other pet pigs.
After Liquorice left I unearthed a photograph of her and did this painting for Hayley.