Thursday, 23 June 2011

Odd Man Out

Well this is not all a problem with my mind's eye (see below).  I am using my husband's camera and I don't think the colour reproduction is as accurate as my little Canon Ixus.  The green in this painting is quite bright and lime coloured which just hasn't come across.  Will probably do a little more on this painting as well.....that water line is definitely sloping downhill.  It's so good to post it 'out there' and look at it critically.  Enough to make one cringe!

Which came first............................SOLD

This is now 27/6 and I have done a little more work on this to try and add a bit more oomph. I hope it looks a little less cooked and a little more raw!

A raw egg in a glass bowl is a bit challenging!  This egg definitely has a cooked look.  Will return to it tomorrow and try and put a bit more oomph into the bowl.  It is always surprising to see a painting looks so different to the picture in your mind's eye.  Will have another go at this subject probably with more than one egg and a different bowl.  Had a great day painting.....the weather in south east Queensland is just perfect at present.
This is now 27/6 and I have done a little more work on this to try and add a bit more oomph.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Warm and Safe ................................... SOLD

Painting birds and animals is quite new to me but I have enjoyed those that I have done in the last month or so.  And generally people like them.  

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Big Red.....another one from the kitchen.

I love the colour combinations in this little painting.....but unfortunately, as more often than not, I have overworked it.  Having done so I seem to be unable to recapture that looseness.  Perhaps next time!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tiny first abstract

This is probably what I would call my very first abstract.  I attended a class today with my tutor, Corinne Columbo, and she set us an exercise involving a bowl of tiny, colourful peppers.  The object was to draw or paint the bowl of peppers and then superimpose upon it a different view of the same subject. I'm always a bit reluctant venturing into these sort of exercises but enjoyed this one and was careful not to over-paint as I usually do. 

Monday, 6 June 2011

In the Kitchen........................................ SOLD

Am back again after a break.  Have completed a couple of small still life works and hope to get back to painting a bit more seriously.  I have had two lots of visitors, my daughter and her two little boys, and then good friends from Melbourne.  Both visits were delightful, but in between I managed to get a riproaring throat infection.  I think I might have caught it from my daughter and hope I haven't passed it onto our next guests.  Very hard to avoid doing it.
Anyway am back to good health and back to painting.  Hope the blog looks a bit more active for a while.