Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The last for a while.

'Tea for Two'........SOLD
I was pleased with this small painting.  I shall save it for an exhibition I shall be sharing with 3 other artists in November. Will provide more details about it in a later post.

I won't be posting any new images for a while.  We are going to Samoa for a fortnight for a rest and relax.  Hope to snorkel and laze around reading.  We are going with another couple, friends that we met while we were living in PNG.  We both had boats and used to visit an island in Fairfax Harbour to snorkel almost every weekend.  I became enchanted with the world underwater.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yurara Spring Exhibition......

I donated this small painting as a prize at Yurara Art Society's Spring Exhibition.  The exhibition opened last night and my friend, Robyn of altered books fame, won it.  I am not certain that these colours please Robyn's eye and told her she is welcome to swap it for another if she would like to.  It's actually a bit tricky 'giving' a painting.  

Friday, 9 September 2011

A favourite.

I painted this a couple of days ago and was pleased with it.  It was one of those that emerged seemlessly.  I particularly enjoyed the low key colours - a contrast to some of the brighter paintings I have done recently.
I was shocked to read that Carol Marine and her family lost their house in ferocious fires in Texas on Monday. Apparently more than 300 houses were burnt.  Carol managed to save a number of her small paintings but lost her larger works and everything else in the studio attached to their home.
 I admire Carol's work and have set about trying to put into practice some of her exercises - such as trying to produce a (small)  painting a day and painting quick 10 minute exercises.  I have learnt a lot just trying both. I wish her and her family well in this awful crisis.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Perhaps a painting per day....?

I hope this is the first of many daily posts.  This is my last week as president of Yurara Art Society.  I have been involved on the committee there for a number of years now but will be resigning at the AGM which is to be held next Monday. The organisaion has around 100 members and is fairly demanding in terms of organisational duties.
Once I resign I hope to really knuckle down for a few months and put this daily painting plan into action.  My friend and fellow artist/committee member, Robyn, is also resigning. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekend at Straddie

'Straddie' or Stradbroke Island is a large sparsley populated island in Moreton Bay off the Queensland coast.  Earlier in the year David and I joined three other couples for a weekend there.  We had all met in Papua New Guinea some years back and try to get together at least a couple of times a year.  It's always lots of laughs, good food and occasionally a little too much wine.
This scene is from the verandah of the house in which we stayed.  The verandah overlooked Cylinder Beach. 
The weather was variable.  Most of the time it drizzled rain.  Once we had a ferocious electric storm which was deafening.  Not that it spoiled our weekend.  I painted these small paintings as a gift for each couple.  I will be posting them off tomorrow - I hope they like them.