Saturday, 10 September 2011

Yurara Spring Exhibition......

I donated this small painting as a prize at Yurara Art Society's Spring Exhibition.  The exhibition opened last night and my friend, Robyn of altered books fame, won it.  I am not certain that these colours please Robyn's eye and told her she is welcome to swap it for another if she would like to.  It's actually a bit tricky 'giving' a painting.  

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  1. As it transpires, I had been coveting the lovely chook painting you entered into the Spring Exhibition Ellen, but Andrea is a quicker runner than I and got to it first, however, luckily for me, we are now both extremely happy to be the proud new owners of an Ellen Paxton original and I am really enjoying having the little tomato painting around, like it's creator it is colourful but polite and is fitting very nicely into its new home and as you know, I am very fond of petite artworks! Many thanks for donating your painting for the show. X rObfOs