Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An enquiry.......

Ready for Breakfast     Sold

This small painting is the first I have completed since returning from holidays.  While I was away a lady emailed me about my paintings and I explained to her that I sell most of my paintings locally and that I haven't set up systems to sell them online.  I suggested that she email me if she is interested in purchasing one.
During our exchange of emails I explained that I generally frame the small kitchen paintings before selling them.  I told her that I would upload a picture of a framed painting to demonstrate the type of frame I use.  (I have simply put the framed painting on my easel in front of a piece of masonite since I am not a good photographer.) It is very simple.


Back in Business......

View from our breakfast table in Udaipur
Well its good to be home and back in my studio.  But I have had a very interesting and very busy couple of months.  David and I went to India....well to Rajasthan to be exact; just a smidgen of India really.  We had a wonderful trip.  I was enthralled and, at times, almost overwhelmed by the colour and form that bombards the mind and eye.  The deliberate juxtaposition of designs and colours that I might have thought quite discordant, in fact, proved rich and utterly pleasing.  I hope I am fortunate enough to return some day and explore more of this huge and exciting country.
Before leaving for India and after posting my last painting, I actually painted the interior and verandah of our house....a huge job.  In fact this is the third house we have owned and I have painted all of them at one time or another.  This is the second time I have painted the house in which we now live.  But it is definitely the last!  I have decided that this is a job one outgrows in the most literal sense.  My joints no longer tolerate up and down a ladder.  The muscles in my right arm screamed repetitive strain injury and my neck burned furiously as it supported my head while I tackled the ceilings.  Never, ever again.....from now on only canvas and boards for me!