Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bigger gossips......

'Bigger Gossips'                    SOLD

I have painted these apples in various contexts and sizes.  This is larger than my usual still life paintings.  It was selected as a finalist in the Clifton Art Prize exhibition. Afterwards I exhibited it in an artspace called The Artist Tree that has recently opened in Cleveland, a centre not far from where I live.  Apparently a young woman bought it as a birthday gift for her husband. I hope they enjoy it.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Ready to flee....

Another True Ozzie..... Sold

This is another entry to the 'Ekka'.  I just love these appealing little creatures but unfortunately there are none on the island on which we now live. We lived in Canberra years ago and this little Brushtail Possum used to come down to the base of an oak tree in our back yard to be fed each night.  I fed her fruit and veg and she became quite familiar and would let me pat her.  On occasion she would open her pouch and I could insert my little finger and draw out a tiny, tiny limb. I felt very priviledged to be able to keep tabs on the infant which in no time at all accompanied its mother down the tree on her back.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Another Ekka entry - A True Ozzie

Beggars and Bullies..............Sold
These Australian Magpies gather along our verandah railing hoping and begging that we'll feed them.  I try to resist since they can become very cheeky and are likely to come into the house.  We have a lot of bird habitat on the island but very, very occasionally if it has been raining for a long period I do feed them. They are very picturesque and I intend doing another of them with the second bird warbling.  They also have a beautiful voice.
Postscript:  This painting was awarded third prize in its section at the Ekka.  I was pleased.

Friday, 20 July 2012

A Pair of a Pair of Pears

A Pair of a Pair of Pears..............Sold
I have been pretty busy trying to get four paintings ready for the Queensland Show which is held in Brisbane and fondly known as the 'Ekka', (as in Exhibition).  Primarily, the Ekka was, and still is, an agricultural exhibition although it now incorporates a wide range of cultural displays as well.  I love spending a day there and pass much of the time roaming around the the arts and crafts pavilion.  The fruit preserves,  the baking section and the cake icing displays are spectacular and the knitting and needlework exquisite. Its so heartening that these skills continue.  I usually wind up the day with a hotdog on a stick, a strawberry ice cream and munch away while I watch the sheep dog trials in the central arena.