Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The last for a while.

'Tea for Two'........SOLD
I was pleased with this small painting.  I shall save it for an exhibition I shall be sharing with 3 other artists in November. Will provide more details about it in a later post.

I won't be posting any new images for a while.  We are going to Samoa for a fortnight for a rest and relax.  Hope to snorkel and laze around reading.  We are going with another couple, friends that we met while we were living in PNG.  We both had boats and used to visit an island in Fairfax Harbour to snorkel almost every weekend.  I became enchanted with the world underwater.

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  1. Half your luck Ellen, sounds like a lovely break. Keep up the lovely paintings. I've been keeping an online look at your work but like you until recently not able to leave any comments.Cheers,jack