Monday, 6 June 2011

In the Kitchen........................................ SOLD

Am back again after a break.  Have completed a couple of small still life works and hope to get back to painting a bit more seriously.  I have had two lots of visitors, my daughter and her two little boys, and then good friends from Melbourne.  Both visits were delightful, but in between I managed to get a riproaring throat infection.  I think I might have caught it from my daughter and hope I haven't passed it onto our next guests.  Very hard to avoid doing it.
Anyway am back to good health and back to painting.  Hope the blog looks a bit more active for a while.


  1. You have such a lovely style :) Is this one part of a series?

  2. Thank you for your comment, michellaneous. This is not strictly one of a series, although I am doing a number of small paintings at present. I have put my tag as anonymous 'cos it is the easiest way to reply to your comment. Cheers, EP