Wednesday, 18 May 2011 go with Busybodies below

I did tweek but just a little.  Won't do any more

I did this little painting very qucikly and was pleased with it.  I'm tempted to tweek a few things but experience shows that once I start doing that, I get into the perfection-mode and spoil the whole thing.  This will go with Busybodies below and will be a gift to my new twin nieces.  I hope they enjoy them.

I am expecting visitors at the end of the week.  My daughter and her two little boys are coming from Sydney for a few days.  After she leaves good friends from Melbourne are also visiting for a few days.  We are going over to Straddie (Stradbroke Island) while they are here to join up with two more couples.  We all met in Papua New Guinea and have kept in touch since leaving there.  We always have a very (very!) jolly time together.

I don't expect to post any more paintings during May.  But in June I intend to seriously tackle Carol Marine's painting a day schedule.  I am quite excited about it.


  1. They're awesome Ellen, whatever those twins have offered you I'll pay double.


  2. I like the tweeks Ellen, I think you've done a masterly job of improving an already lovely little painting.