Thursday, 7 November 2013

Almost in line.....

Almost in Line  20x20cm Oil on Board Sold

Have only just returned to painting.  I have been catching up on the garden after a couple of years of neglect.  It is a very forgiving business......things perk up in no time with a bit of tender care.  Am hoping to gather a small collection of kitchen paintings so that I can concentrate on a couple of larger works.  I am currently doing a bit more work on the table below.  It is a big painting and I am experimenting with working by palette knife.  It uses gallons of paint!

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  1. I understand completely Ellen - the garden/art conundrum. I'm slowly coming out of an intensive gardening period as the smell of paint and canvas is luring me back. I'm letting the garden grow and fill out now but I can't help mothering it along with adjustments here and there. Of course the veg garden is always calling.