Saturday, 7 January 2012

Island Residents

'Watchful'...20 x 20cm....Oil on Board.....SOLD

Coochiemudlo Island where I live has a large population of bush curlews.  The birds frequently rest and shelter in residents' gardens.  They are more active during the night and their cries, not unlike a child's scream,  often alarm visitors. Sometimes when approached, the mother in an effort to ward off any threat to her chick, launches into what looks like an elaborate dance.  She spreads her wings, bobs her head up and down and steps lightly around while issuing a gutteral hiss.  Despite knowing how helpless the birds really are, I am always taken aback by this formidable display.

A fellow resident and friend recently bought the small painting of the two chicks below.  He asked if I would paint a picture of a curlew chick to accompany it.  I found painting the chick harder than I expected. I hope he likes it.

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  1. Curlews are such beautiful birds, I do have a soft spot for them. Who would ever believe such a fragile, helpless little creature could make a wailing cry loud and piercing enough to make your blood run cold in the middle of the night?! They'd give a banshee a run for their money, I reckon!