Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A long time away.....

I haven't painted for some months for a couple of reasons.  The first involved a muscular injury involving my right knee and hip.  This uncomfortable condition meant that I couldn't lie on either side while sleeping.  Eventually I went to my doctor who told me that this was an injury associated with imbalance and could I think of a situation where I might be standing in a way that might cause uneven weight distribution.  Of course it was standing at my easel for hours at a time, paint brush in my right hand and weight on my right leg.  A couple of visits to the physiotherapist and a simple exercise have put it right.  Now I stand at the easel with a small uncomfortable pebble under my right heel so that I am constantly reminded to take weight on my left leg as well.......

The second reason I haven't painted from a while is that I think I have experienced a period of what is called artist's block....a scarey feeling that any aptitude I might have had has disappeared.  I have slowly, slowly started painting again and can feel the passion starting to bubble.....thank the muse and gods.


  1. So sorry to hear of your injury and hope pebble helps! Sounds uncomfortable - but if it works - good. Love the painting Ellen. I know you'll be back into your art again and I look forward to seeing the results.

    1. Thank you Wabi Sabi Woman......and I think I was caught up with physiotherapist etc. when your cosy arrived. My sister just loved it.....a real work of art. Thank you so are very clever.