Monday, 22 August 2011

It's Been a Long Time....

On the Table  30 x 40 cm Oil on Board -   SOLD

I didn't have a lot of time to prepare, but this painting, On the Table, was the first of two entries which I sumbmitted to the 'Ekka' which is our annual Queensland Show.  It was awarded 'Highly Commended' which was pleasing particularly when I felt I had overworked it a is my habit! The other painting, In the Kitchen is inserted below. It is just a tiny painting, a little less serious and fun to paint. 

In the Kitchen  10 x 25 cm Oil on Board.... .  SOLD

I had a rather startling experience when I visited the Ekka and went to browse through the paintings.  As I turned a corner I came across a painting that was an exact copy of a painting I completed last year for entry into the annual Yurara Members' Show held in the Redland Art Gallery,  our local regional gallery.  A photograph of the painting, Nectarines, is below.  Redland Art Gallery had used the painting on an invitation to the Yurara show (with my permission of course) and it was circulated widely.  I expect the artist simply copied the work from the invitation.  I found the whole experience rather disconcerting. 

Nectarines  20 x25 cm Oil on Canvas - SOLD

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